View Full Version : WIP - Kelmara

12-18-2011, 03:18 PM
Finally, my busy life has gotten less busy and my lurking has ended!

Here is a section of the map I'm working on, just for fun and a bit of practice, for Kelmara. I'm going for a hand drawn pen-and-ink style. The colors present on the parchment will be light, with more emphasis placed on the foreground. Currently I'm posting only the section of the map which contains details, though eventually it will cover a whole continent. I know a lot is missing, such as forests and rivers, but I'm primarily looking for comments on style and color before I get to carried away and have to go back and fix a lot later. Comments and suggestions, as well as links to posts that may be relevant to your ideas, will be very helpful :)

A few credits:
To RobA for his old parchment tutorial, of which I used the first half to create the paper texture.
To Ramah and vhailor27 for their mountain brushes from the Aronbor map, which I edited slightly for use in this map.
To Dieter Steffmann for the Gabrielle font.