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12-21-2011, 02:03 PM
It occurs to me that even though my account is over three years old, I have never actually introduced myself.

Howdy folks!
My name's Steve. I have been an avid reader and tutorial follower on this site for longer than my account has existed, though by this point in time I can no longer say for certain just how much longer... a year or two is my guess.

I am a tabletop gamer, like just about all of you, who loves the mapping process (even if I am in fact less skilled at it than I would like). I have been writing, running and revising a home brew game world for the past decade. Currently, it called Gara, but I am in the process of renaming everything in an attempt to be more original... you can only get away with so many "Stonehammer"s and "New Haven"s before you realize your beloved campaign setting is very rudimentary and boring.

The main aspect of my world that I am so proud of though is the fact that it is dynamic. Each campaign run in the world literally changes it. Borders shift, nations rise or fall, "monsters" become "people" and vice versa. I started the first campaign at the dawn of time and my players have shaped the history of the world and have become the backstory and legends of the campaigns which followed.

I am currently building a site to store the campaign setting on so that others may use it, which is why I recently resurrected an old thread asking for help with my world map.


12-22-2011, 06:26 AM
welcome to the guild - sounds like a great campaign you've got going - looking forward to seeing some maps :)