View Full Version : Cartographile: A title in an MMO

12-29-2011, 09:10 AM
In the Lord of the Rings On-line MMO, there is a title associated with collecting maps. There was a discussion when this title was revealed on whether "Cartographile" was appropriate or not but that was resolved when people pointed out that '-phile' was not just a suffix of "pedo-".
The object of the deed is to collect 21 maps (that are wall decorations for your in-game house). These maps are of the various regions of Middle Earth (as depicted in-game). The maps are available 5 time a year, in groups of 2-6, at each seasonal festival, and the yearly anniversary celebration (different maps at each festival.) Of course to mess things up a bit, there are maps of other regions as well. The title applies to maps of Eraidor regions, so Moria and Lothlorien don't count.
My only real problem with this is: I don't have enough places to hang the maps in my house!