View Full Version : 2011 The year of the GREMILN !!!

12-31-2011, 04:16 PM
I feel that I have been given UNFAIR attention by the international Union of GREMILNS !! Lets start with the latest First In December : The rug scrubber broke down ( not a big deal) Then the Wash machine broke down( Well that's a bit of an inconvenience !) Then the FURNACE broke down ( Why You !#$^#@#%^%$) . I live in Ohio USA. It is Winter Here !! I know some of you are thinking " Sounds like life to me " Hum might be good lyrics for a country song ? Anyways let me give more serious evidence for my case.

Back in January I bought a external Backup drive because my main drive on my old computer was small and getting very cramped. In April after getting all my stuff culled and sorted and backed up that drive went into a coma. Seems it happens with that model and firmware version. Seeing as most of my important stuff was on that drive .WELL???? Warranty would have covered a replacement drive but not data recovery. COSTLY !! I had a couple nerds try to recover it (Voiding the warranty) To no avail ! The data is still there the drive is just "BRICKED"

Well You have heard about the stages of grief (7or 10) depending on who you ask. You know : Denial (NO NO NO !!) Bargaining ( OH PLEASE I PROMISE...) ANGER ( WHY YOU ROTTEN !$^%#$%^). I never really got to ACCEPTANCE. I Still Take the drive out from time to time to GLARE at it !! So I did the only Reasonable thing ! I used it as an excuse to get a better Computer . Bigger Faster Stronger !!! Then I bought a Sever grade backup drive. So there !! Summer is very busy for Me between Work and the Honey do list; which by the way I am convinced is a direct descendent of the mythological Hydra . You Know cut off one head two grow back. But I digress. In my spare-time (What little there was) I reconstructed my library of lost brushes, Reference picts, Inspirational maps (Thanks GUYS). And set about laying out my revenge map. I am not a good loser !! Which is posted here.

Things were humming along great then one day I turned on My New computer and it sat there like a ($#$). It didn't even post to bios. Well to try and shorten this post for those of you not sleeping already. It took me 4 weeks and 6 outsourced techies to get someone to understand" No I didn't want to Update my Warranty" "I wanted to USE it. " Shipped it off to Texas and as suspected the Mainboard was fried. She is back now and with any luck I'll be able to finally get some long over due creation in the works???!!!

So For anyone still reading this "Happy New Years and please send me Some AGP 100 GREMLIN Repellant !!"

01-01-2012, 02:02 AM
Sorry about your run of bad luck.
Here's wishing you a much better 2012.

01-04-2012, 08:34 PM
I feel for you in your tale of woe....I sometimes get to feeling like the universe is against me when everything I touch crumbles to dust.

One of the worst frustrations is when I just want to put my fist through the side of my PC (I have one panel that is clear plastic so I can see everything inside, I'm sure I can punch through that). Lately it's all those little stupid "help you" programs that Microsoft and others want to foist off on you that's been driving me bonkers. Everyone just get the flip off my machine and stop taking up my cpu cycles for crap I don't even want!!!!

/* ahem, no raw nerves here folks, just move along thank you :) */

I know I'm due for upgrades but like you I await my catalyst....Oh and a pocket full of cash....Oh and I probably have to upgrade my wife's machine first, so make that two pockets full, LOL.

Seriously, glad you are back in business and hope you have smooth sailing.

01-05-2012, 11:05 AM
Oh you poor soul.

Get Dropbox and back up all your most valuable data on it. The first 2 gig is free (I think).

01-05-2012, 03:46 PM
Thanks for the condolences Guys . I think (HOPE) the worst is over. Hope to be posting something soon. CHEERS !!