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01-03-2012, 08:44 AM
This month challenge is over and its time to vote. There are nine maps to vote for which means you get TWO (2) votes this time around.
Check THUMBNAILS (http://www.cartographersguild.com/challenge_thumbs.php?type=regular) to see who to vote for :)
please note that for some reason themarko's entry don't show up in the thumbs so check that out here (http://www.cartographersguild.com/showthread.php?16733-December-Entry-Dragon-s-Lair-on-Dancing-Dragon-Island)

To rep the ones you vote for and/or like
Be a gentleman - don't vote for yourself

The voting will end in 5 days.

01-03-2012, 09:01 AM
That was not an easy choice...

01-03-2012, 06:52 PM
Not easy at all. Typically I look for maps I can play on, but some of the others are fantastic works of art.

01-04-2012, 02:12 AM
One of my votes had to go to DJ, but it was tough deciding between Sap and GP for the other vote. Ultimately had to give it to Sap for a very cool and unique concept.

01-04-2012, 02:39 AM
bogie: I like the general shape of the map and the elements, love the little lake - the bottomless pit should have been totally black in the middle and the texturing is a little heavy overall on the map
djespek: beautiful art, but would have liked it more "mappy"
EP: like the simple old school look, the hatching is a little heavy imho
GP: I like the overall layout of the map, but the texturing has a "thrown on rough" look - sorry. I prefer your normal hand drawn style :)
lukc: I like the idea, like djespeks the fillings take up more than the actual map though :)
MasterTMO: would have love for you to finish this - it had a promising look :)
sap: love this - so very unlike what I normally see from you - got my vote :)
themarko: good old treasure map look - this one got my other vote :)

good job all and great to see so many participants :)

01-04-2012, 03:57 AM
Yea. As I wrote in my thread, the project had two main foci, putting it together in less then 5 hours and doing it only with inkscape - Like TMOs project it was more of a fun thing than really expecting another golden compass - especially after Djekspek ans Sapiento joined in with their incredible artwork.

01-04-2012, 04:00 AM
yep - there are some wonderful artists in here that tend to run with the compasses :) ... but as you say, its not about winning but about challenging one self and getting better :)

01-04-2012, 05:37 AM
Good job to all! I - unfortunately - didn't finish. Other projects, other parties, crowded it out :) Ou well!

01-04-2012, 08:01 PM
I loved checking out this challenge! So many great dragon maps. It was so hard to choose, but I went for Minduriel and the Dragon by Sapiento. Thanks to all for making it a hard choice.:)

Master TMO
01-05-2012, 02:12 PM
I am disappointed I didn't finish, but I really only had 2 weeks to do it in, rather than the whole month. Vacation killed the other half of the month. *shrug* Oh well, such is life! :D I played around a bit with trying to assemble the layers into a single map image, but haven't succeeded at that yet either. :)

01-05-2012, 08:37 PM
I wish you more time for mapping in the New Year Eric, and for Master TMO, I hope you finish your map. That was a great and different idea. It was nice having to choose from so many entries.

01-06-2012, 11:37 AM
Some good solid entries this month! The effort put into these challenges is great, and is what makes them so worth running...

-Rob A>

Master TMO
01-06-2012, 09:03 PM
I wish you more time for mapping in the New Year Eric, and for Master TMO, I hope you finish your map. That was a great and different idea. It was nice having to choose from so many entries.

I was extremely confused reading this at first, because my real first name is Eric. :D

PS: I got a vote?? O_O .. Thanks!

01-08-2012, 09:49 AM
Looks like we have a tie - so congrats to Djespek and Sapiento on your new gold compasses :)

01-08-2012, 11:00 AM
Thanks to all voted for me. And congratulations to Djekspek for another golden medal. And to all other fellow mappers who entered this challenge.

01-08-2012, 11:33 AM
hehe, yeah thanks all who voted for me, and of course gratz to you too Sap! And all who entered, thanks for doing so, time to spread some rep around :)

01-08-2012, 01:10 PM
Congratulations, fellas! :)

01-08-2012, 05:00 PM
Congrats to both!!!

01-08-2012, 05:22 PM
Please finish your map Master TMO and congratulations to Sapiento and Djekspek!

01-09-2012, 01:11 AM
Congrats! Great job guys!