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03-21-2008, 04:55 PM
At loooong last, the new patch to Dundjinni is ready! As always, it is located on the Updates and Support page.

The new version is compatible with Vista and the latest versions of Java, fixing a number of annoying bugs that cropped up with those versions. We also made a few minor fixes that seem to have improved performance speed a bit. For more details on fixes, check the read me file shown during installation.

The big non-technological change for this patch is the EULA. We’ve listened to your input – and, in response, have decided to open up DJ to commercial use!

In other words, you can create and publish maps and adventures using DJ, including DJ art. (The only exceptions are the SKG Dungeons and Reaper Warlords packs, since we only license those and thus do not have rights to allow such use.) In exchange for using DJ to create maps and adventures for commercial products, we simply request that you provide us with a credit. For a more precise description of the commercial use allowed as well as the credit required, please see the EULA itself.

A few technical notes:

1. While we did not create a new full Mac version, Mac users can simply apply the 1.07 patch to get the updated version of DJ.

2. Since the new patch will slightly change directory structures (from Fluid to Dundjinni Enterprises) on fresh full installs, there could be a problem trying to install prior versions of the art and token packs on top of a full install of the new PC version. To avoid any such issues, we’ve reactivated the old, expired download links (which should allow access to the latest versions of the software and art/token packs) – and also posted an updated version of the PC Platinum (for those early adopters who received a download version of Platinum) so that anyone who needs to do a full reinstall when switching computers or because of an HD crash will be able to do so with the latest version of art packs and software. If you have the disk version, you'll reinstall from the disk and then patch up to 1.07. If you’re just patching your existing DJ software, there should be no problem with installing or reinstalling art packs (since the patched version will retain the existing Fluid directory structure if it’s already there).

3. If you purchased DJ as part of the promotional campaign that gave away a free copy of the animals artpack and need to install again, please contact the store with your name and original order number. We can then verify your purchase and give you access to the animals artpack and the user name/reg key needed for installation.

4. An unexpected side benefit of this new version is that it seems to function well even with multiple versions of Java installed (or at least several of our testers with multiple Java versions didn’t run into any troubles) – but since we didn’t program for that fix, there are no guarantees that multiple versions won’t cause an issue for someone.

Finally, we want to apologize for the long delay in getting this patch completed and thank you again for your patience in bearing with us. There are a number of reasons for the delay – but rather than repeat them here, we’d like to offer a thank you gift. So, starting Sunday, we’ll be running a weeklong 30% off sale on art packs (excluding Reaper Warlords, SKG Dungeons I, and Classic Dungeon).

Happy mapping!

04-26-2008, 09:06 AM
Would Dundjinni be willing, if a paying customer requested it, to release a patch that would allow us to use Dundjinni on Linux? I'm thinking of an agreement where I accept all the risk and agree not to hold you guys responsible - but in return, I'd be able to put my $40 (+ other $$ for having bought art for Dundjinni) to use now - since I've converted to Linux. I understand why you won't put the resources into releasing a full version on Linux (which is still a shame) but at the same time, it's a perfectly good Java program that some of us more tech prone guys would be willing to fiddle with to make it work.

If you're not the person who I can talk to, can you point me to someone who is?


04-26-2008, 09:56 AM
This is excellent news.

Feel free to post a similar post in the News forum for it to appear on the homepage...I'm going to move this to software