View Full Version : [Unpaid] Requesting fantasy maps for reference during a writing project

01-11-2012, 11:13 AM
Description of project:
I am currently working on a fantasy novel, and would like two maps for references. The novel itself is set in a fictional fantasy world and it's subject is dark and mature (think "The Witcher" or "A Song of Fire and Ice", for example). Note: these would not be maps featured in the novel itself, but personal guidance for myself while creating the world as well as writing the book. If I'm content with the maps provided, I might well ask you to do a 'proper' map for the finished book. That one would, of course, be paid for.

Time Constraints:
I'm not in an absolute rush to have the map, and this is something that well could be discussed. I'm currently thinking around the end of february/beginning of march as a deadline. Again note: I'm not looking for something really advanced and time consuming (as I'm not paying), so I think that time should be enough - though granted I know nothing about making maps.

Fantasy style. "What's fantasy style?" you may ask. Something more natural, older-looking (perhaps hand drawn or looking as if?) rather than a static and lifeless blueprint. This (http://art.ngfiles.com/images/75/auth_valcia-regional-fantasy-map.jpg) for example, though I'm not currently looking for something quite as time consuming (then again, I'm just going by the looks when I say that, maybe that map isn't as advanced as I think ^^).

The maps themselves:
The main map would be that of Delysia, a rather large country in the far east of a continent called Novandria. The other map would future the whole continent, the afforementioned with more detail than the later. There is various types of climates both in Novandria and Delysia, mixing open plains with forests, mountains, huge lakes and so forth. Delysia itself is a mostly cold country, with the western part having 6-8 months long winters. If you are interested in making a map for either or both, I'll provide you with a (very) rough sketch made in Paint (as I am talentless) as well as more thorough descriptions of/and whatever you need.

You would retain the copyright if you want, as I am only going to use the maps for personal use.

Email me at reserv44--at--live.se or, when I've reached five posts, PM me.