View Full Version : Eek! It's a NEWBIE!!

01-31-2012, 03:17 PM
Hi, everyone,

I'm a long-time GM, wanting to create a world from scratch. Why do I want to do this? Here's my Top Ten list of why I want to create my own fantasy world!

10. I like other fantasy world settings, but I have some original (OK, stolen, but at least I filed off the serial numbers) ideas that I want to play out.
9. The idea of months, even years, of work for campaigns that only last a few weeks thrills me to the soul.
8. Some of the standard fantasy tropes have been overused, so I want to add even more confusion by omitting, or even reversing, them.
7. Nobody plays my preferred gaming system, so by the time I do all the conversions, I might as well have written the darn thing myself.
6. Inherent masochistic streak.
5. The idea of being a demiurge fulfills a desire to be creative. Too bad being creative is such hard work.
4. Rampant enthusiasm is a wonderful substitute for common sense.
3. Maps are cool!
2. Did I mention inherent masochism?

And the number one reason why I want to create my own fantasy world

1. Because it's NOT there!