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02-01-2012, 06:11 PM
Project Scope:
Yes I know it's a huge project... Though could somebody, please help me out. I came here in search of somebody, unlike myself who sucks at making any maps what so ever... Thanks.

My project would be a world base Forum, of the Pokemon Nation. The current map I was looking over and would like to use for this project.


Removing the Banner saying “Map of Tamerial” and replacing it with “New Frontier.” With that saying I would like the map to look more like this one “Geographical feeling towards it.”


Want free range play so, like real life we all go outside the boundaries and follow the unbeaten path. Like the traditional games… I don’t want any routes more like roads like Elder Scrolls planted from the gold road to black road and everything in between. No subway routes, replacing them would be Ship routes used by the sailor’s.
Gym Building’s will be the respective Castle within each city.

Cyrodiil – This would equal Unova Region.
1. Anvil – Driftveil City
2. Kvatch – Nacrene City
3. Skingrad – Mistralton City
4. Chorrel – Nimbasa City
5. Bruma – Icirrus
6. Cheydinhal – Striaton City
7. Bravil – Black City
8. Leyawiin – Opelucid City
9. Imperail City – Castelia City

Morrowind – This would equal Orange Islands
1. While Vhanderfall Equals Sevii Islands

Skyrim – This would equal Sinnoh Region

High Rock – This would equal Almia Region

Hammerfell – This would equal Hoenn Region

Valenwood – This would equal Johto Region

Elsweyr – This would equal Kanto Region
1. Desert portion of Elsweyr I would like to put Orre Region within the mix.

Black Marsh – This would equal Oblivia as well Fiore Region mixed together?

Summerset Isle – Bruma Region. (Meaning Island within the Mist)(WIP) Though mostly experiments from the new villain team mostly dump them here… Mostly contains Pokemon morphs. (Human with Pokemon DNA… Something within that nature) But will have Gyms… And a couple towns and Cities. (WIP)

The thinner portion of Summer Set, I would like to have the strip split up and formed into five different Islands. Is a chain of five islands fifty miles of the "Island within the Mist." Consisting of they are named Isla Matanceros, Isla Muerta, Isla Pena, Isla Sorna and Isla Tacaño. I will change the names of the Island, just something I was basing the Island’s off of.

Isla Matanceros
Is a remote island about 120 miles off the west coast of the "Island within the Mist." Isla Matanceros lies in a foggy area, hidden by the rocky cliffs.

Isla Muerta
North of Isla Mantanceros... Lies Isla Muerta Mysteriously shrouded in an everlasting fog, the isle is surrounded by a graveyard of sunken ships. From the air, the island resembles a human skull. It appears to be largely unexplored, though within hides a ancient city within...

Isla Pena
Little known about this island south of Isla Matanceros, though the little who explored it... Said it to be a Forest within an Island, shrouded within the fog.

Isla Sorna
South of Isla Pena... It's one of the "Five Deaths" Yet little is known though Team Rocket inhabits this land with their own research lab hidden within the Island itself.

Isla Tacaño
Isla Tacaño was arguably the most dangerous of all the islands in Las Cinco Muertes, as it is the only island in the archipelago with an active volcano on it. Patrolling this Island would be the Pokemon Rangers themselves... Yet with Team Rocket nearby they dump their own failed experiments within.

Pyandonea – Would equal the battle hub of the whole entire Frontier.
1. Is used for the Elite four itself, having one main Elite four Entrance basically like a gaint castle greeting all trainers. And from there, having the respective areas would branch off and each part of the Island would have each group of Elite Four Members as well with a common battle field of that type.

1. While the smaller Islands would be more around it would consist of Battle Frontier, Battle Zone, Poketopia, Battle Park, as well with PokePark / Pokemon Island ( Resort / Theme Park ) And a

The three smaller Islands below Valenwood would consist of a larger Pokemon Academy.

Pokemon Nation, Set back when the world was set as a whole and before splitting apart.

Design Concept:
I would like the maps to look more within a natural geographical feel like the second link above.
With the towns would be scattered throughout the regions. Respective towns within each region, as well… Having the Mines, Cave’s, Camp Sites, and Deadric Shrines would be turned into Pokemon Shrines, scattered throughout the Region itself.

Number of maps:
One regional overland map showing points of interest in the area/Shipping routes.
One Map of each Region, showing points of interest within the area itself. (9 Regional Maps. )

If possible. Doesn't have to be done right away, though I would like a town Map set up as well. No rush with that, but I would like to focus more with the world Map. As with the town's, making them look more like the towns within the Elder scrolls, though having that Pokemon touch to them. We can talk about that afterwords...

Professional / semi professional though it doesn’t matter. Going to be using it through Photo bucket, saving picture wise. Full color. ( I'm no map maker... I found this Forum through Devianart. )

Remains with cartographer.
Publisher retains right to reproduce the maps. I would like to have Reproduction Rights through the Publisher to use on my Forum. All other right's will go to the Cartographer.

Flexible. I am in the making of the Forum at the moment, though I’m not really rushing things, with school and work.

Discuss through Email.
I would like to get it for free. Due to me just moving into my new place… Though Please send me a Private Message to discuss rates.

Kyle Carpenter
Please use subject line Pokemon Nation