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Niall Mackay
02-07-2012, 05:06 PM
Hi there,

I already registered some time ago to look at some tutorial in the forum (at least i think thant was the reason), but was remembered just today by a email bout a server change or something. I didn't read it too closely and just decided to visit again - and probably try to do some maps again when there's time.

I already made three maps (well.. lets say two finished maps, one nearly finished one and some sketches) for a RPG of a friend of mine, I'm still plannig to finish the third one and work on the sketches a bit more when theres less to do for university - which shouldn't be the case for the next, say, three to four months.

Im studying geography in Bayreuth, a nice small town in northern Franconia (no, that's DEFINITELY NOT in Bavaria. At least we like to think so. ;))
My last maps also were for my studies, to be specifically, they have been homeworks for cartography and GIS classes (mostly just graphical display of given data of a area, only one was a bit more challenging (finding a suitable area for a waste deposit and making a presentable (not sure if i'm using the right work here...) map out of that).

Normally i draw my maps with fineliner pens, althought i tried a bit with coloured pencils (worked quite good) and watercolour pens (aquarell pens? anyway, that one looked horrible). For university I do my maps with ArcGIS as far as possible, (not the best program for that, but it saves a whole lot of time) or with CorelDraw (which i learned to hate with every single cell...).

If someone is interested in seeing my maps, i can easly upload them as well (save for the unfinished ones, those aren't scanned in yet).

Any questions left?

Ha det så bra,

02-08-2012, 04:17 AM
Welcome to the Guild. Please do upload your maps, we like seeing everyone's maps here! We have a few GIS users here, but most of us use drawing software (like Gimp, photoshop and corel draw which you hate so much!)

Niall Mackay
02-08-2012, 05:59 AM
Not only me, nearly everyone who was in our cartography class twitches when anyone mentiones Corel... At least for making maps out of a basic map which is given as .jpg. The first homework took me six hours with Corel (even though we had a step-by-step explanation and didn't have to try around). The second one i did with ArcGIS in not more than half an hour. :D

I'll post them later today then, got some work to do first.