View Full Version : Bryce and 3D maps working uses?

CP Sennett
02-14-2012, 08:27 AM
Hi Guys

Not so much map orientated but how do people rate Bryce as a 3D software system and has anyone combined this to their normal 3D mapping in anyway?

02-16-2012, 06:25 PM
Hi CPS, I am not a fan of Bryce because it is very slow and the software crashed regulary (it was one year ago, Bryce 7 pro). After round about 2 years DAZ even has not managed to update the manual from 6.3 to 7.xx. The UI is horrible but this is personal taste, I like a Windows oriented UI.
Hope this helps, but there it is free this month, download it and make an opinion of your own.

03-20-2012, 03:05 AM
I've been using Bryce for over 12 years and it is my favorite program. I love the abstract interface and its material editor although it drives some people crazy. One of the very first projects I started was a city but as the years go by I find that I want more and more detail and realism. I think Bryce would be good for making a village or town but I'm looking to do a capital city. DAZ 3D, the current owner of Bryce, has their work on Bryce 7.1 on hold for an indefinite amount of time, a fact which really frustrates Mac users and those of us who want the program to continue its evolution.
I've tried Vue and DAZ Studio. I think Vue's results are mind-boggling but after trying several versions, the interface drove me crazy. Same with DAZ Studio. It really is a matter of taste though.

03-20-2012, 12:32 PM
I've used Bryce for 3d mapping with fair results. If you do a search on Bryce and my name it should bring up the threads.