View Full Version : Foundry (made with Torstan's dungeon tile set)

02-15-2012, 12:42 AM
This is a map of a foundry made with Torstan's dungeon tileset.
Thanks for that set - it's really awesome :) I apologize in advance for appropriating your oil bowls as crucibles.
I hacked together the industrial ladels with the path and fill tools & texture from an old Planescape book. The sword "engraved" (layer mode: value) in the floor is a faction symbol for the Godsmen from Planescape (hey, I run a Planescape game, imagine!).
The anvils and bellows are from random internet pictures without copyrights AFAIK.


I'll try to do some more work on this before our game night; I'm thinking some molten metal pouring from those ladels would be super cool...
But if you want to print this for play, it should fit fine on 11 x 17 (with 1/2" margins).

Btw, here's the industrial ladel....