View Full Version : Driftmoon, Virtual Tabletop like game?

02-20-2012, 03:10 AM

It reminds me of a very good virtual tabletop, wonder if it'll have a map editor with multiplayer anything like that. If so me and the lads just might switch from maptools to this game.

02-20-2012, 03:41 AM
Did you download the demo?

I didn't get the idea that it was a VTT though. I think it's a game in itself. It may have the ability to modify it but I don't think the GM would have much to do after it was all set up. All the combat and so on is built in from what I could tell. Did I miss something?

Either way, let me know how the demo is. I may d/l myself just to see what they have.

02-21-2012, 06:29 PM
Im sorry. I didn't make myself clear, it reminds me of a VTT and if it had a fairly capable multiplayer function and map editor it could be used as a roleplaying platform.
But--- As for that, I shall.