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02-20-2012, 01:44 PM
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I need a map for a city in my D&D Campaign. It's a port city sitting on the intersection of an upside down Y shaped river. The city is in the crook of the Y with the docks facing North. The city was built 250 years ago. Originally cosntructed by dwarves the docks and much of the buildings are placed on the water. The city is like Venice except for a cliff to the south. The city has been built at an incline up to the top of the cliff. The Redman family has constructed a large mansion at the top of the cliff. They have ruled this city for the past four years ever since the Great War displaced the old noble family. They have done an excellent job rebuilding the city after the war and the only damaged area of the city is in the eastern part of the city. The family has tried time and again to rebuild this area, but the thieves guild has undermined their efforts every time. A large military headquarters occupies one of the wards along the western side of the city. Constructed after the war around 5% of the population is conscripted into the guard.

Three temples are in this town:
-The first is to Sarenrae. It was partially damaged during the way. Unfortuantly a heavy tax on healing magic has rendered this temple a shadow of it's former self. Missing windows and faded plundered mosaics are all that is left of this once great temple. The few priestesses who still remain forlornly guard this temple as it decays into a ruin.
-The second temple is to the goddess Shelyn. Located near the market square this temple doubles as a lawful brothel. It has gone through a rough scrape with the law recently and has seen a reduced number of customers. Still beautifully constructed it still maintains a political presence.
-The final church was built by the Redman family when they took power. Dedicated to the god of law and merchants Abadar, it has undergone rabid expansion in the past two years. Now a sprawling complex it doubles as a center of spiritual guidance and a university for up and coming merchants.

This city is seperated into 12 wards that are seperated by slightly larger canals or openings in the ground. The city has expanded onto the ground over the cliff and has started cosntructing a wall for protection near the cliffside.

A perspective either looking towards the city and cliff or topdown is preferred. This is a medieval city.

A high quality is desired beacause I will need to print this out to show for the DnD Session. Although I do realize that this is an unpaid job and I will settle for whatever can be done.

Haste is desired, but again, because of time constraints it's fine if it takes two or even three weeks.