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03-06-2012, 03:48 PM
Image 1.


Ard Hab, Sky Speaker;
Letters to the Vorga, 2:7-14;

Ashen beholdling of stars and suns,
primeval childe he stretched hands,
the chill of void she melted/burned.
Before World the childe he taught,
and she taught her and him and they,
the maelstrom of kaos they sculpted.
Firstlanders, pain was their lot.

I couldn't resist, I had to make up a bit of a story to go with it while I was trying out some brushes and things ...

Klaus van der Kroft
03-06-2012, 04:40 PM
Is that central valley trying to high-five me?

03-06-2012, 05:04 PM
It's where God put his hand down while making some detailed water features ...

03-06-2012, 05:56 PM
Nice theme, I made my MA Thesis last year about the figure of the demiurge and the void beyond creation. It is truly a rich background to create from, itself beeing the theme of creation and the hybris of a creator.

03-07-2012, 09:23 AM

Kroyd Irshe'bana Sofyek,
Marking of the Days, 1:1-11

The ancestor within spake questions unto the Lettered,
"Wiseling, why craft you these worlds within worlds?"
Ink drinker responded,
"Heaven is within our grasp, shall we not take it?"
The fore-been within spake questions anew,
"Wisdomful, what of the world you tread yet?"
Painter of meanings responded,
"Shall the potter make pots with broken shards?
Shall the sculptor shed tears for the dust?"
The speaker of questions pondered,
"Shall dust and shard beget dust and shards anon?"

A complete redraw, although still playing with the concept of the demiurges. Actually, an important part of the mythology of my rpg setting, which was created as heaven by the chosen but fell apart to the hubris of those same chosen. There's a critique of the rational possibilities of the human somewhere in there ...

03-07-2012, 09:49 AM
The continent has a very nice shape. An interesting back story as well.

03-07-2012, 01:29 PM

Hey Cereth, glad you like it :) I've been really lazy today, so instead of working I've been doodling about. Naughty me :S.

Vir: Life through Death, 4:5-
Ka****hri White-maiden spoke with me,
out of sure-death she was revived,
the corpus was refreshed but the form was lost.
I measured her beating heart,
the shaping of her life-breath.
She was restored to us.
Our gardens all died that day.
The great-dream oaks turned to dust.
Rivers failed to flow.
Unconscious nature will not sustain us in heaven.

Syatovyaya Editrix,
Commentary to V:L.t.D., Book IV
The Mislycs ascribe the above anonymous autobiographical passages to Pnah Orney, Child of Stars in the Praise Texts. Based on the alternate deep reading of the discursive structure of the Songs of Falling Stars and the Stolen Mem-tablets, I feel that I can prove that the personality structure of the s.c. Child of Stars was inimical and mistheic, possibly even sociopathic by the standards of the Demiurges. The identity of the author remains unknown, however, the archaic nowjazi in which the original is written means that it remains the oldest known reference to the ill-effects the demiurges' experiments in re-creation had on the Old World.

03-07-2012, 05:17 PM
looks like fun. i like the stories.

03-08-2012, 10:44 AM

Yay! Colors! Painting in colors! Yay! c:

Voice of the White Maiden,
Future Memories, Dreams of the Fall, 3:1-21;
Worms will curse my name,
Chosen will curse my name,
you come to my gilden halls, not so?
you share my Voice your petty things,
you give my Voice your small gifts,
you demand my Voice answer your please.
Dependence is a curse,
you forget the curse you bear,
your bones feel pain unburdened,
the quotidian has swallowed you.
Giants will tread your bones,
to dust and ice,
brutes, sinewed and foul,
hairy devils, wolfmen, more,
worms you will spin and circle,
generation after generation circling,
sharkss sniffing the perfection,
of my glimmering perfection.
You entreat me and make deals,
many have done so, many more will,
you worms know not what you seek.

Kroyd Irshe'bana Sofyek,
Marking of the Days, 7:1-6 and 7:32;
Weep the glories we have done,
outdone the creator,
succeeded in our wildest dreams.
Weep the victory we've won,
striving never more,
like glourious heaven it all seems.

Ahrimaya, the pain of creation and destruction bears too heavily.

Baron Soren "the Good",
Letters to Chancellor Hazimir, III:2:1-3;
It's been three years. The sacrifices still weigh heavily. The deal we made was necessary, our survival was at stake. But have we bought our bodies at the cost of our souls? More and more I understand old Grusbah. The creators were not evil, but in the act of creation,they became alien. Inimical to mortal kind. They were not evil, but now evil spreads with their touch. They eat our dreams. They gnaw us all.
What remains to us but to clutch to our dignity and honor. Ensure that Chief is punished, make an example of him. By upholding justice now, perhaps our conscience will give us peace. I doubt it, but justice we will give. There is nothing else to give in this forsaken land.
What reports from the explorers who ventured into the old mine shafts 'neath Lofty Twopeaks?

Klaus van der Kroft
03-08-2012, 11:28 AM
Looking excellent so far. I really like the mountain ranges.

03-09-2012, 05:39 AM

A close up - the snowy peaks are finished. This is the 1:1 view, while I mostly work zoomed in to 300%. That's good news, because it means I could print this out as a 200 dpi poster at about 60cm2.

Sankt Atum,
Thoughts of the Vorga, 3:2:
Having discussed the three precepts and the axiomatic philosophy, we have covered the integrated mythopoetic background of the Vorga, fore-masters of the Voradreya. This grounding lets us proceed to the writings of the Kazim Atom-breakers whose experimentation with elevated stress profiles of rare ores led them discover the fascinating parallel between the mythopoesis of the imperfect creation and the fundamental discontinuity of natural law discovered at small scales and environmental conditions highly distinct from our conscious perception. The technological problems posed by these discontinuities are not trifling.
Thoughts of the Vorga, 4:33:
All studies of the mineral transformation of biological elements post-mortem and subject to environmental action seem to complement the outlandish tales of the False Histories, which claim the existence of mineral forms of living and long-dead organisms discovered in the rocks. "The dragons were dead," say the False Histories (cf. FH,III:279-280, the Sankt Dewurm Compilation), "we saw their stone bones in the rocks. We relegated the monsters to our fantasy and our subconscious. What were they but phantasms of our minds?" As we know, the monsters are real, but the experiments and studies do not lie: something is wrong with the rocks.

03-18-2012, 09:38 AM

Yay, shadows painted on the mountains! The water, meanwhile, is not to my taste. I'll change that eventually, just painting the continental shelves and so forth with a small brush. Or just leave it blank.

(From the wealth of comments-to-views I get the feeling like everyone's nodding along, "coming along nicely, sure, let's not spoil his mood by trying to motivate him to draw more stuff!" :P)

03-18-2012, 03:03 PM
(From the wealth of comments-to-views I get the feeling like everyone's nodding along, "coming along nicely, sure, let's not spoil his mood by trying to motivate him to draw more stuff!" :P)

Yep, pretty much. :D

03-18-2012, 03:21 PM
This looks very good! And i totally dig the inworld fiction. But i'd also really like to read a summary in the "author's voice" about this world. Where are you going with this?
Have some rep!

03-18-2012, 05:41 PM
Let's say that I'm building up to the author's voice summary along with the mapping :). But I'll manage a short pre-summary.

Horgen the Holy,
The Fragments, 2:10-22, (Note: some scholars believe the original text has been modified by subsequent generations of scribes from pre-existing fragments and with some poetic license)
bread - two,
milk - one life,
vegetables - some,
meat, fish, whatever - some,
man - one,
soul - many,
And Horgen the Holy spake unto his disciple, Joffa the Wife, "You [he] know,
I've been thinking about faeries, trolls, the scary things.
We know time flows only one way, for so hath been revealed,
but what if that's only our perception under most circumstances?
For we are but feeble creatures, not of the ken of the Almighty,
whereas under extreme circumstances, when the Almighty reveals
miracles, like the creation of a pocket universe or at the edges of a
singularity, Almighty praised be His name. What if there you get memories
and consciousness, and yay, the eternal soul, propagating outside
of the arrow of time? What if our myths aren't memories, but garbled
precognitions of some horrible nightmare daemons out of time, created
by the Vorgas, defilers of the name of the almighty, some thing that
happens, was done in the future?"
Unto which responded his desciple, Joffa, called the Wife for he
was kind and loyal and subordinate to Horgen, "Truth be what you speak,
wise Horgen."