View Full Version : Terrace of the King

David Corsalini
03-13-2012, 02:38 PM
This is a small map for the final scene in this session of Pathfinder with my group.
The players arrive on the terrace of king's palace (a building that is hanging from the roof of a gigantic cavern) flying. Inside they must save the king from the lord of the attacking army (that crashed on the balcony with is black dragon).

2D battlemap (to be used in MapTool). The blu square is a thick piece of glass from where the king, sitting on his throne, can see his land. The Throne and some furniture will be added in MapTool. The brown zones are platforms made of wood added to the structure to allow the king and the generals to land and take off with their mounts.

Isometric Map of the same area, done in sketchup (doors, tables and throne models found in the online gallery).
Hope you like it!