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03-20-2012, 08:16 PM
My husband, who is GM for our Dark Heresy (Savage Worlds) game, asked me to put together a couple of quick maps for the most recent episode. One was for a chapel in ruins with a large blood stain near the altar, the other for a seedy bar and gambling den that would serve as the headquarters of a local crime boss. I used floor plans from exisiting locations and processed them using RobA's Dungeon Map Maker plugin for GIMP. I then added some textures and shadows, and of course the blood stain. Here they are, in case they might be of use to someone else.

43262 43263

03-26-2012, 04:19 AM
I really like these - I love the restrained use of colour, particularly on that second one. You have a very good style.

05-05-2012, 07:43 PM
I'm dead impressed with the layouts. Being unfamiliar with table-tops I can't really appreciate them from a gameplay standpoint, but they're eyecatching and look neatly-spaced.

My only critique - if you don't mind - would be on the texturing, as it comes off a little bit strong, particularly on the bar and den. I'd guess that the hexagonal tiles need to be quite visible in order to correctly place one's tokens, but I think that by outlining them with such a sharp relief and then laying a stippled texture on top, the eye gets a little confused. It could just be me, though. I'd probably just keep the tiles as outlines, of a desaturated colour or a different shade of grey or white. That or lighten the floor textures a bit, to try and offset the effect. Like I said though, the layout of the actual architecture is striking and pleasant, and I agree with Jacktannery in that you've done well on the colouring.

05-06-2012, 06:37 AM
I actually agree with Shinnyo, and since you use GIMP like me I'd suggest the following:

-keep your defined tiles in the interior as they are but lighten up the hex borders externally on the cement.

-reduce the size of the circular tile texture in the bar and elsewhere by 50%. You can do this easily by making a new layer at x2 the size of the other layers, texturing it with the circle texture, then scaling that layer to the normal image size, then restricting it to the areas you wish. After that, I would add a layer mask with rendered turbulent plasma-clouds so that the circles look slightly faded. I'd also add a very very faint colour overlay over them so they are a slightly different colour to the exterior cement – perhaps the faintest of rust-orange colour set to burn at 10% opacity.

-the restaurant area orange-beige marble-like texture looks a little blurred compared to the other textures. Reducing this texture's size to 50% or smaller also would offset that. In addition, I would destaturate it by 10-20%.