View Full Version : How can I make Isometric forests? - Need tips about useable material or better idea

03-23-2012, 07:48 PM
Hello fro Italy (pls excuse my poor english).
I "need" to remake my Mystic Wood boardgame, which drowned poorly when my garage flooded.
It's a game made by tiles that show paths in a forest. Here's a pic of one of the original tiles:
Yeah, the art was really poor :)

As some tile have buildings, my idea is to make the tiles in a isometric view.
Now, i'm a skilled CorelDraw user and a basic PaintShop Pro user (i use them at work). This mean that i think i can draw the tiles using already built objects, but that i'm not able to draw original trees or buildings.
So i checked the material freely available at the Dindjinni forum and at RPGMapShare, which i think is top notch art. Dundjinni also have an isometric section with basically all that i need.
I'm thinking to build a "tube" for PSP for the trees, so i can draw lines of tree fast.
Anyway, my problem is that i can't find a good "forest top": i mean the canopy of the trees not in front.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Or build me a "canopy" texture that looks good with the Dunjinni iso trees in front?

Also: any other suggestion about textures for the ground, or better idea about how to draw the tiles.... anything, i will be glad to learn from you cartographer :)
Thanks in advance for your support.

About licensing: this is a personal project; i'd be happy to share the final result but only if all that i'll use allow it (game copyrights also). Anyway, my goal is to rebuild my game for me only, so licenses shouldn be a big problem, given that they allow personal use.... am i right? (it's hard to understand all that legalese in english :blush:)

03-24-2012, 03:04 AM
I'd just layer 3-4 different iso tree symbols one in front of the other in Corel. Like so:

0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0

(the I's are supposed to be tree trunks)

P.S. - if you're not selling it to anyone, of course you can make it for yourself. You could probably make yourself a massive stone version of monopoly and nobody would have anything against it. Is the game good?