View Full Version : Behdia-first town map

03-27-2012, 10:47 PM
A friend asked me to make a map of his base town of Behdia. He only specified that it was carved out of a forest that grew in the base of either a caldera of a volcano or in an old meteor crater and that there was at least one river running through it.

I'm a complete newbie at mapping and would appreciate any help in improving this. Thanks in advance.43433

03-30-2012, 01:53 AM
I think it is weird that the people of this village decided to cross the northern river trice instead of extending the wall around the bend.

03-30-2012, 02:05 AM
I think it's a cool map. Great work.

03-30-2012, 06:17 PM
cfds...you're right...didn't think ahead on that one. I'll fix that. Thank you and Volantris.