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03-30-2012, 05:16 PM
This is my first regional map. All my maps so far have been city/town maps, but I was doodling this map for my Exalted campaign and figured that I should give a regional map a try.


I spent the next three weeks tinker in Photoshop on this one and the attached map is what I came up with. I used a few tutorials from this board, but I can't remember the links/posts, so if anyone recognizes techniques or whatever please comment.

This map is about 99% done. Some of the text on the map is a little small and kinda difficult to read, but the intended map is to be 1.5 times the size printed on poster paper (9" x 13") at 300 dpi. I recently acquired (for a really good deal) an Epson Stylus Pro 4000 plotter so now I can plot/print all kinds of neat things. ;)

Any comments would be appreciated. I, in particular, would like some comments on the text. I am fairly satisfied with it but I think it could be better as to color/font/size. When I do the text I generally do a ctrl+select the text layer(s) and then make a new layer with a mask of the text selection, and then I fill the layer with whatever text color I want. That way the text size and font information is protected and I do not have to rasterize the text. Instead I can apply filters to the fill layer and to its mask. It is a pretty fun technique, and all I have to do if I want to change some text (move or add new text) is to make a new mask for the layer.

Anyway, so what do you all think?


03-30-2012, 05:32 PM
I already caught one little mistake. Since I enlarged the map 1.5 times for the print version, the map scale (inch:mile) is off. I should have converted it to 1 inch = 130 miles. I guess I can make that change.

03-30-2012, 06:11 PM
I don't know the first thing about making a map, I'm new here. But I'm learning. I drew maps on paper for fun for years, lol, but right now I'm being more serious since I need maps for my novels I'm writing.

I'm not familiar with the exalted campaign setting, but it seems relatively medieval. Some of your text on the map seems to match that, other text looks more Roman or Western to me. I'm assuming this is the first time you did something like this, so I'm impressed. I wouldn't know where to start in gimp. I'm afraid that's about all I can personally contribute with my limited knowledge.

I believe it.