View Full Version : Reputation Extravaganza!!! One Week Only!!!

04-14-2008, 10:24 AM
This week only!!! We're having a reputation extravaganza to remind everyone about the wonders of the forums rep system.

Read the FAQ entry about reputation: http://www.cartographersguild.com/faq.php?faq=vb_board_usage#faq_rep_info

That FAQ entry is accurate except that for this week only the minimum rep count is set to 0!!! This means that ANYONE, yes ANYONE can affect other peoples reputation! Take this opportunity to spread a little love around and let those whom you consider good contributors get the reputation they deserve.

04-14-2008, 10:47 AM
Great Idea, Arcana.....repped! :)

04-14-2008, 10:56 PM
Thanks for pointing out the FAQ! I was wondering what it was all about....


04-17-2008, 01:54 PM
Wowzers!! That is awesome! I'm off to exhaust my daily share of rep. Thanks!