View Full Version : A Map of the South Lands

Master Oatmeal
04-18-2012, 07:31 PM
This is my first post here, while I've been working on maps for a fair amount of time I thought I would post this. The quality isn't the best and I mean to reupload it later on. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

04-18-2012, 07:54 PM
Welcome to the Guild Master Oatmeal! Quick question for you, was this all hand drawn/painted and then scanned, or did you use some sort of graphics program? As to the quality of the image, when zoomed in the map features appear blurry, but, if this was a scanned image, this may just be due to a bad copy. Otherwise not bad at all. It's got a real rough-and-ready RPG hand-out feel to it that for me is really nostalgic. I like it.


04-18-2012, 10:09 PM
Feedback? Ummmm... <scratches head> .... keep doing what you're doing.

It's good work like it is. The style would look more 'professional' as you practice and hone your lettering skills, but it works well already. Care to show us one like it being created, in a WIP thread?

And thanks for jumping right in with a map in the first post - good form, that!