View Full Version : My thread for unfinished maps. (Kinda.)

05-07-2012, 05:27 AM
Ok, not to waste any more space on the guild, I'm going to upload here some unfinished maps that I will make... I need a place to store them so why not use this site to share them too? I may want some tips and help on some of the maps and will try to finish them later.


I need some critique on this one and I want to try to finish it, so could someone suggest the climate/mountain placements for that map? I'm such a newbie with climates/tectonic plates/weather that I can't make a realistic looking world. >.< I do want to get better but because of my stupid school I did not learn geography (Boring teacher = No interest and the subjects were not about climates yadayada.) at all and can't find a place in the internet to study it. I'm currently writing up lore for a generic fantasy world setting, Pathfinder in mind because I will get those books later this month in mail and might use the map up there ^ for it. So help is appreciated! Any kind of help!