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05-07-2012, 11:51 AM

Hello every Request-takers... (sounds strange lol)
I'm a not a writer, saying the opposite would be a lie. However, I do have some stories to tell, stories about a fantasy world. This is where I have a small problem, I can't draw the map of the world in question. I made an attempt shown below but I was not satisfied.

This is why I ask for your help. I know this is a very big and long project (I believe) and except for the challenge/experience, there is no real benefit. However, I believe it is a good opportunity to test stuff and to practice your skills. If you are up for the challenge, continue reading!

You will design a whole Earth-like planet, with a 30-70 land-water ratio. You choose the layout of the continents and islands, you also choose the number of continents/islands. This is somewhat carte blanche. They are few restrictions, this is why I included the hexa map (is this the right name?). Each letter is a country except for F (a big desert) and N (A no man's land present on my attempt). Except for N, every letter (country) need to be there. You can place them everywhere following those intructions:

-Every countries are about the same size (see my attempt)
-Only C, G and L must be adjacent to F (Desert)
-F is the only "easy" access to L
-A must be on its own island/continent near the north pole. It must be somewhat away from the other continents but still accessible.
-B must be near E and C
-C must be near B, E, G and F
-D must be on a separate island, but still accessible (see my attempt)
-E must be near B, C, G and H
-G must be near C, E and K
-H must be near E and I
-I must be near H
-J must be near K
-K must be near G and J
-M is a very small country. It can be everywhere except near/in A, C, D, F, H, I, J, L

-You have Carte blanche on the forest, montains, rivers,etc
-There must be a big desert(F)
-A: climate similar to northern Canada(north:ice, south:tundra/taiga)

Please design the planet using a tectonic plate system.


You can use any style but I prefer old/fantasy maps or something similar to Saderan.
I want 2 maps. One with the borders of each country visible and the second one with the nature(?) visible(forest, mountains, lake, etc.)

Quality & Size

Do the best you can :)
The size doesn't really matters, choose the appropriate one, it is your work after all.

Time Constraints

No time limit :)


I would like reproduction rights to the map

Contact Details

As long as I don't have my 5 posts, use this:

gogeta-vegeto||at||hotmail.com (remove ||, at=@)

If I have more than 5 posts, pm me.

Thank you for considering my request!

Have a good day!

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