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05-10-2012, 10:49 AM
Wow, what an amazing website. I found this last night and was so excited by all the amazing maps in the abandoned map thread it took forever to fall asleep.

I never even knew there was Cartographer software, or people that make maps for fun. I've been working on a game for mobile devices and trying to come up with 10 levels for an underground dungeon.

This is my first dungeon level I made, it twists and turns and has several rooms. There's a cave/cavern part on the left side and a dungeon level on the right side. I intended to split them up so maybe you run through the cavern level and at the end is a portal to the next level of the dungeon, pictured on the right side of this image:

The entrance to the cavern section looks like this:

Another prototype level I started but it's just the same sections cloned and strung together. I need to put some splits and different rooms.
44687 Each of the squares in the pictures has a dip in the center large enough for a couple buildings and a monster spawn. I figured I'd split things up using rocks, and objects so the actual path the player takes is squiggly and not repetitive.

Here's my starting village where the player starts, called Elkmoot:
44688 Following the river east will run into a cavern entrance which leads to the dungeon levels above.

Another long linear level I made is this: the scale isn't very obvious but relative to the player it's enormous, 4x bigger than my starting village level.

Since it's a mobile game things are very linear, it takes place at night time, so it's dark, foggy, and you can't see long, vast distances. If there's too many splits the player will probably miss a lot of content, get lost, confused, frustrated, and quit.

Here's a haunted forest level I made but scrapped:

05-10-2012, 11:34 AM
You may want to lighten them a bit; I'm browsing on a mobile device and it's very hard to see anything at all (especially the last one). I knpw you said the atmosphere is dark, and I'm not saying lighten the atmosphere; maybe just more contrast?

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