View Full Version : May 2012 Entry - Political Geography

Niall Mackay
05-11-2012, 07:37 AM
Hi there,
this is my first challenge and more coinidental than planned, I just happened to decorate my folder at university. As I also said in the challenge thread, I unfortunatelly use coloured separator sheets instead of white ones. Therefore I have a pink background for my map, but nevermind.

Well, here is what I did in the two hours today:

### LATEST WIP ###

It's supposed to look like some atlas map depicting a conflict, as often seen for congo, somalia and the like. It's not finished yet, there will be some more signs to make it look a bit more busy. Maybe I'll also add symbols for ressources and industry, don't know yet. I'm also not sure about giving those countries names, but I think I won't do that and let the map speak for itself. I definitely won't add a legend (even though my cartography teacher would kill me if se knew ;)), so everyone can read what he wants from the symbols and lines, but i hope to keep them somehow selfexplanatory. (Test: What do you think the ones already there should depict?)
And i have to find a way to look the map more like in reality, the pink isn't so dark as it looks... Maybe I'll try a photo.

Bye for now!