View Full Version : Anyone sharing CC3 maps of Castle Ravenloft?

05-19-2012, 11:38 AM

I'm new to these forums, so excuse me if I'm asking something stupid. I noticed that there are a lot of .jpg images of maps shared on these forums, but not the .fcw Campaign Cartographer 3 files that were used to make the images. But often I'd like to make minor changes, or modify the scale, and thus would much prefer the .fcw files. Is that frowned upon on these forums?

In this particular case I was looking at Shindig's and danielpryor's maps of Castle Ravenloft, which I could use for my campaign. Of course if somebody else has some maps of this castle, that would be great too. So what's my best course of action here? Ask around on these forums? Make 5 forum posts to be able to contact these people directly?


Man in the Funny Hat
05-20-2012, 01:03 AM
I think the issue would be that Ravenloft is a module/setting/whathaveyou which is, if not currently IN print in some form, only recently OUT of print and will undoubtedly reappear in print in some form. Most recently I think there is a castle Ravenloft board game and before that it was probably the Expedition to Castle Ravenloft hardcover in 2006. To make full, accurate CC maps of Castle Ravenloft available publicly would almost certainly be trodding on toes best left untrod.

I have my own CC maps of Ravenloft (fairly simplistic) but only ever made an unkeyed .png of the ground floor map available on my own website. I've made a lot of maps of cities from Judges Guild's Wilderlands settings that have been up on my website for a long time, but then they've generally been years, even decades out of print in any form.