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05-19-2012, 06:53 PM
Hello there! I've just found this page and it struck me that this may be the place I've been looking for since my first days of writing.

Yes, I am an amatuer writer and poet. Since four years, I'm working on my "universe-world-mythology-linguistic-etc... setup".

After I have managed to create the mythology, the history, the theology, the races, the social structures, etc., the lacking of a trustworthy map loaded the dice against me. It is really make things hard, especially when you need the map of a giant continent.

I'm planning my books to be constituted from 6 volumes. The sketch of the general story is done and I'm writing the first book at the moment. After a few days, I managed to draw a map on CC3, in which the first book takes place. But it looks like its from a fairytale, it's not realistic. I don't like it... neither the colours nor the icons...

And even worse, this was the map of a single country, which is like a drop in the ocean. I want to make the map of the whole world. But no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to be able to do it. You see, although I'm somewhat good at writing, when it comes to the drawing, I always fail. It enrages me, because everything is all set up in my mind, but I just can't turn them into something I can actually see.

Thus, when I find this site, I immediately got an account and became a member. I see that there are many talented artists here, who can help me with my "quest".

As much as I want to pay for the map and get rid of all this headache, (as I said before) I am just an amateur writer and I don't even know if the book is going to be published. This means I'm broke, pennyless, but burning with enthuisasm and irresistable urge to create! And that's all I need. (...but I wouldn't mind having a few thousand dollars/euros)

So I've already written too much, but when it comes to the writing I guess I can't stop.

Greetings again to all.

05-19-2012, 07:08 PM
Greetings Helleaven, welcome to the Guild. Well you have two options. First, you could try commissioning a map by placing an add in the Map Requests section (if you do so, be sure to read the sticky in that section on how to place map requests). There may be some here willing to work on a free commission, though truthfully, without a financial intensive (or some other equally compelling intensive) I doubt whether the more talented/experienced artists here would be willing to take on such a project. Second, you could try browsing through the myriad tutorials available here and then make your own map. I know you said you haven't bee happy with your success thus far, but allot of people come here complaining of a lack of artistic talent and then, once they try out some of the tutorials, are surprised at just what they are capable of achieving. I'd recommend the second option since it will also allow you to create any additional maps you may need later on. Anyway, best of luck either way.


05-19-2012, 07:38 PM
Thank you for encouragement, Arsheesh. I hope I really can improve my drawing skills. I understand that if I want something from people, they have the right to expect something in return, too. So I guess I stick up with the second option. You have a really nice community here and I'm happy to be a part of it. After I finish my book, if the publishers accept to publish it, I would definitely want to work with them by paying for their efforts. But until then, I will try to get better.

Since I am new on this site, would you be so kind to explain me something: I want to show my fairytale-like map and learn people's opinion about how to improve it. What is the most appropriate section to do this? I mean where must I post it, in order to recieve others opinion?

05-19-2012, 08:16 PM
Well if it's the same one you mentioned a moment ago (the regional map that is), then you can post it in the "Regional/World Mapping" section. In the title or description of your map you might also want to say "criticism requested" or some such as well. This really is a great community, and I'm sure allot of folks here would be happy to offer constructive feedback on your map.