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05-26-2012, 12:23 AM
If you have free time and enjoy map building, I hope you will help

What I am looking for is a big city/nation. It is a metropolis sized city that stands on several plateaus miles above the surface of the earth. The world is without water since the water god was murdered so the city is in a perpetual desert. The plateaus are far enough apart that they are connected by lightning rails, which grow fewer in the outer districts.

The city itself is divided into five sections. The outer most section is the lower city, which is the poorest part of the city. It is inhabited by what the government determined are lesser races (anything not human). It is the lowest in terms of technology and has few lightning rail stations, only enough to usher workers to and from the factory life of the working portion of the city.

The next section is the business district. It is populated by the shops and universities, warehouses fill this section. It also includes the mage's college and guild houses. This has a larger number of lightning rail access points as transport of goods in this section is very important.

The next section is the Common district. This section has residential housing as well as theaters, taverns, arenas and other entertainment venues.

The forth section is the noble district, housing the noble residences and the temples of the 4 elemental gods. Embassies are also in this district as well as courthouses and government buildings

The final section isn't on numerous plateaus as the others are. The final district is the floating palace of the tyrannical order-obsessed wizard ruler.

The Diyun city map is a great idea of the plateaus style I am looking for

If you have free time and enjoy map building, I would enjoy the help. Thank you!