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05-30-2012, 02:44 PM

I'm the administrator of abendwind.org, which is a german "Dark Age of Camelot"-Roleplay-Freeshard. Currently we changed our setting to some new concepts and are now searching for somebody who could help us drawing some maps. As we are a freetime-project we can't offer you payment. I tried to work with the CC3 but my maps were horrible. The problem is, that I have to include the ingame mini-maps and draw additional landscape around. I'm tried to rebuild the mini-maps to some detail with the Cartographer but my maps don't satisfy myself. I'm really bad at drawing so I can't use Photoshop or similar programs.

I liked the stuff I've found on this site and maybe someone of you is so kind to help me with my task.

Here is an example of the map from the french roleplay-freeshard Alfheim: http://www.alfheim.fr/images/carte.jpg
If you took a look to: tekener.com (click on the top symbols to switch to the maps) you can see, which parts are used from the actual game maps and which featueres they added. The left isle is Hy Brasil (click on the tree) and the right isle is Aegir (click on the hammer).

Andreas aka crayven :)

P.S.: If this is in the wrong section (wasn't 100% sure) of the forum, please feel free to move this thread to the right category.

05-30-2012, 08:00 PM
Moved to the map request forum. Please review he stick post at the top of this forum and add any additional detail you are able.

Thanks for coming to the Guild!

-Rob A>