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06-04-2012, 08:01 AM
Hello Cartographers,
As you suspect, I'm looking for someone willing to make a map for a game I'm making. It will be a free online not-massive-at-all multi-player role-playing game, where the players are all drow (evil dark elfs) living in caves, caverns and underground cities. The map I'm in need of is kind of a important element - it will work more or less like the world map from Fallout (1, 2, Tactics) games, players are free to move anywhere on the map, but at any time they can stop and go from the 2d map to a 3d realtime 'level' (or forced to one of those after encountering some hostile pc/npc).
The map I need would have to be quite big, 6 or 7 large caves big enough to house a village, keep or even a city, a few smaller ones, a network of tunnels connecting them and as a little bonus a small maze with square rooms and straight walls.
Basically if the word 'Underdark' means anything to You, then what I need is exactly a map of a Underdark-ish cavern complex.

I'd love to have something like Djekspeks' 'perspective' map, but I feel I could be wishing for too much for a unpaid job..
...so a top-down map is what I should be asking for, something like this:
mixed with something like this:
I don't want the map to be realistic, or rich in colour, in fact I'd rather have it in a yellow-tinted greyscale (old paper cliché) because I'll most like need to save it as a dds file (a lossy file format, that tends to drop unique colours).

Quality & Size.
2048x2048 would be the optimal size as far as pixel goes. The scale of the map could be 1pixel=1meter, so the whole map 2x2km (~1.3miles). The map should be flat - so when two corridors meet, they do it on the same height, there can't be any situations where one would go over, and the other under. Tunnels can't be too narrow - 10 pixels minimum.

Time Constraints.
As-soon-as-possible. If it could be done next week - great! If it can be done next month - still great! More then 3 moths? - not so great.

Permission to use for a single tittle is all I'm asking for. The artist will retain all the rights, the map can have a signature or a watermark (just as long as it doesn't obscure the map). CC BY-ND would be a bit of a problem - I will need to add text with names over the map, and also, the map is too big to be displayed all at once, so it will be viewed in a smaller gizmo with a fade-to-black border - that could be considered a 'derivative work'. Any other CC license is ok, even the Non Commercial - my game will be free.
If the game would ever go commercial, then I will ask for a new license and offer a fee (but let's be honest here- the chances for that are lotto-wining low).

A reply in this topic would be best, I'm new at the forum so I can't use PMs yet. You can also send me a note on deviant art (pistacja69.deviantart.com) or a mail pistacja69[insert_at_sign_here]gmail.com

Sample Layout:
I've made a layout of a cave dungeon for testing, you can use it as a base for making the final map or just to have a better understanding of what I need: