View Full Version : [Paid] Modern and sci-fi map packs

06-18-2012, 12:14 PM
Request: I am not looking for custom commisioned work in this request (although you could create if you wanted) but a pack of encounter style maps in the modern and sci-fi genre that you have previously created and have the rights to sell to me a as a pack. These will be included in Tabletop Forge (a virtual tabletop for Google+ Hangouts) as maps available for quick drop-in. Attribution will be given on each map in the App UI as well as links to creator's website if desired.

Style: Color encounter style batte maps. So as these are for modern and sci-fi I am looking for set locations like a cargo ship hold, a space station, prison, park, etc. Gridded is not necessary as the applicaiton can add those but won't turn any down just because of baked-in grids.

Number of maps: Ideally at least 10 modern and 10 sci-fi but depending on quality will take less.

Size of map: Anywhere from 500x500 up to 2000x2000. PNG preferred.

Copyright: Creator keeps copyright and ability to keep selling. I just need rights to use them in my application (which will be a free app).

Deadline: As this is hopefully for previously created works I would like delivery of maps between August and September.

Budget: Will vary depending on number of maps but between $500 and $2000 (or more for a mega pack).

Contact Info: joshuha-at-gmail-dot-com or http://tabletopforge.com/support-contact-information/

More info: Kickstarter at http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/joshuha/tabletop-forge-the-virtual-tabletop-for-google-han (to see what the project is about), website at http://www.tabletopforge.com