View Full Version : [Paid?] Need 25-150 fantasy/medieval maps based off of ASCII maps we already have

06-18-2012, 09:48 PM
Im working on a project, which can be seen at http://kembra.slothmud.com/bin-debug/MainSMUD.html
Walk through the creation process, log in and choose Newbatia as the starting town. Move north and around town using n,e,s, w etc and watch the map in the lower left hand corner move with you. This basically just shows the concept and how its working currently. Its rough but its my hobby and I provide it free to people to play so...

Our current flash client, the map does not work yet:

An example of this town map is here:
This was created using this map as a base:

My goal is to get every map inside this URL http://www.slothmud.org/wiki/Continent:Valkyre created and then move on to all of the other continents, this is a ton of work and most likely money, which I do not have a ton of but...

My guess is that an experienced c3 or dj developer could knock out a couple of these an hour. The map shown above was created for 2$ and looks like it:)

I am hoping somebody would be willing to work for around 5$ a map, which after the first continent would be about 250$. My aim is for something a little more like the following for a town:
And for something like an indoor temple, which I found on here:


Either way, please contact me with advice, offers, etc.

Or maybe somebody might be interested in teaming up and helping us work on our game. We are one of the oldest remaining games of its kind, been around for 21 years at this point! I would love to take it to the next level and include some really nice graphics...

It is quite possible a few people could take on this project which would allow for a few different syles to be involved, as well.

Enjoy Mates,


06-19-2012, 06:46 PM
is this open for more than one person?

06-19-2012, 09:07 PM
I actually added a comment at the bottom of my post, stating that it might be nice to get a few people working on the project, as that would give a nice variety of styles, I'd imagine anyways. There is no minimum amount of maps expected, I would be incredibly excited to have 1 or two high quality maps:)

I've started making a few but the results are not the greatest:) I guess everybody has to start somewhere!
Here are my first two maps :)

It would be nice to get 5 or 10 really nice maps, use those where everybody begins the game and give me some time to learn the programs..