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07-01-2012, 03:55 PM
I am in the process of writing a trilogy, but am having a hard time keeping up with time and distance my characters are traveling. I have a rough map drawn (please don't laugh, I'm awful.)

I would like a better looking map i can use while writing to keep track of my character movements. The map will be used for nothing but my personal resource, so you may maintain the copyright.

Attached you will find both black and white and color versions of my map. The finished version can be either.



A few notes:
Trebinlich is a new country, not an ocean or sea.
Eides Ritih and Ghel Reka are rivers that merge together in the Northeast.
Both Bhrenwassa and Tiefwaldher are IN the forest. Bhrenwassa is literally right on the banks of Eides Ritih.
Tenneghel, Kelrudras, and Besignet are lined up almost in a perfect diagonal.
Besignet is a large citidel.
Kelrudras is hilly land.
Tenneghel is farmland.
Ghel Reka flows directly into the ocean (Meerinblau).
Skeuflura is flat land that lies BEHIND the forest, not in it.
The Stelgembh Mountains (incorrect labeled here as a single mountain) is a range that runs the entire eastern boarder of the country. They are very abrupt. No foot hills. They are impassable and the land beyond them is unknown.
The country is called Erdavol.

approx 30 miles from Tenneghel to Tiefwaldher
approx 90 miles from Tiefwaldher to Bhrenwassa
approx 150 miles from Tiefwaldher to Skeuflura
approx 45 miles between Tenneghel, Kelrudras, and Besignet

I very much appreciate any help that can be offered. I've been sort of in a holding pattern for a while without a satisfactory map.

Any other questions, feel free to contact me. kellydianepalmer at gmail dot com

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