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07-04-2012, 06:06 AM
Hi there,
i'm currently working on an online-Worldbuilding-Tool. Where you can create your own Worlds for RPG or background of books, or what else you want.

Mostly it's about having a interface to put all your indeas in. Backgrounds, Bookchapters, Race-descriptions, etc, etc etc...
But i thought it would be fantastic to have a possibility to not only sae maps as pics in it but to maybe generate them random so you can really start a new world, if you want.

Currently i'm testing on generating semi-random planets (the base is random, but if you know it, you can recreate the map).

I tested a colour scheme too...
what do you think about them?
Just first tests...

as sqared
as rounded
squared put only the outline

07-04-2012, 08:55 AM
Hi Feendrache,

Very interesting, especially for an online world generator. I don't know what language you're using to generate these fractals, but for further edification, try these on for size:

http://planetgen.software.informer.com/ - this is a free Windows PC world generator. If you have the ability to decompile code, you may wish to see how it does its thing.


07-04-2012, 09:08 AM
Hi Chuck,
yeah i tried to contact donjon for the scripts cause i really would love to use some of his stuff but had no contact yet.
thanks for the links, i will check them

07-04-2012, 01:33 PM
Well, it generates a pleasantly convoluted fractal landscape and coastline, for sure. It has the same drawback as Fractal Terrains though (don't get me wrong - an excellent program) in that the whole planet is generated with the same fractal degree. I.e. you can dial it rougher or smoother, but the *whole thing* goes rougher or smoother. If you can get yours to have patchy levels of roughness, with varying quickness of shift from on to the other and varying sizes of 'patch', you'd get in addition to the craggy Very Young Planet effect you show here, also a bunch of plateaus, plains, foothills, and the like.

The way FT copes is by letting one just start with the purely generated planet, then editing for additional landforms. Are you contemplating any edit capability?

I like the thought of a set of tools to collect one's ideas. Are you shooting for server-based, or all to run on a PC? Advantage of server-based would be anybody with a browser can connect, and one doesn't have to tune the package for Mac and then for Windows, and then oh-by-the-way how does it cope with Windows Seven, ad infinitum. Not to mention which if it must or can run on a server you have an opportunity to monetize it as a service :-).

The color scheme is nice. At first glance I was looking up through leafy tree limbs at a cloudy sky :-)