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07-07-2012, 09:55 PM
Hi all,

I'm the webmaster of Art of War (http://www.artofwar.cc), a browser-based online board game, that has been active for the past 3 years. The site is currently undergoing a complete code rewrite, and in the process I am looking for a fair amount of new graphical content.

Artworks are submitted and managed on the site via a user interface in an area labelled "Projects". Management of a Project includes uploading attachments, altering settings, and filling out details, as well as complete workflow processes and feedback/chat logs so that the artists can communicate with the admin in a compartmentalised area. Currently, there are 5 types of Projects that artists can participate in - Backgrounds, Numerals, Dice, Icons, and Maps. Each project type is distinct, and has different parameters around workflow processes and becoming a working asset on the site.

I currently have enough Maps on the site, but will be looking for more in the future, so if you only do cartography work and are interested, still drop me a line. My main interest at this stage is hiring people to do Dice, Icons, Numerals, and Backgrounds, as I have limited assets in those areas. Projects that you create on the site go through an entire workflow process, and the graphical content only becomes available on the site proper once the project has reached "Official" status. Official status is achieved when the project has passed all the criteria of the admin, and a contract has been signed between the site owner and artist agreeing to the terms and conditions of use. All projects that are deemed worthy of becoming Official are paid, and are paid before they become "public" assets on the site. Additionally, all artists who have published content on the site will receive VIP access, granting them unlimited games for an unlimited period of time.

The quality of the artwork is expected to be quite high, so if you have an online portfolio, that will help me ascertain whether your style is suitable for the site. I consider myself to be a novice graphic artist, and am currently responsible for most of the content on the site. Your artwork would have to be of this quality or better:

Icon - Babylonians

Icon - Kingdom of Norway

Map (Excerpt) - Medieval Europe

Additionally, a passion for board games, and an understanding of games such as Risk, Axis and Allies, and Diplomacy will be viewed upon very favourably. This is because, once the site is relaunched, it will be relaunched as a boardgame creation site, where users can create their own boardgames completely from scratch, and play them online in the browser against people all over the world. No coding knowledge is required - all rules creation and definitions are done via the point-and-click interface.

All payment, copyright, and usage is detailed in a standard contract, which I can send you a copy of to peruse if you wish. If you are unhappy/unsatisfied with the T&C, they can be negotiated, though there are a few non-negotiables, such as payment being solely via PayPal.

If you are interested, either reply to this thread, or preferably contact me at kjartan--at--artofwar--dot--cc.

Kjartan Johansen

07-10-2012, 07:01 PM
Thank you to all those who have applied, the applications are now closed. If you have only just seen this and not yet applied, feel free to email me at kjartan--at--artofwar--dot--cc and I'll happily shortlist you for future work.