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This map took a long time to do, and there is a lot of back story to its creation. I am a huge Berserk, now for those who don't know what berserk is its a Japanese Manga by Kentaro Miura, and is one of the most popular and best selling in History. The setting of the Manga is medieval/fantasy, but despite the vast lands fought, explored, and traveled by the characters, Miura has never once created a map for the Manga. Instead as he recently revealed in an interview he always just imagined that the manga took place in Europe, however if you ever read the manga you'd realize this doesn't make sense with the geography of the manga, and Europe. For example Miura has a chapter in the manga called the battle for Doldrey a fortress surrounded by wastes, and desert i don't know many deserts in Europe. In the end though Europe just simply doesn't do the Manga's vast geography justice which is why i decided to make a map for Berserk. I started by rereading the manga start to finish, and mapping a rough draft for every direction the characters went north south east west. I then found a chapter where a character described all the nations surrounding midland (the main nation in the Manga), and where they were located. For other things i used carefull guess work, and hints hidden in the Manga's Geography for determining placement of certain geographical features. Also as i read through i wrote down every name of a village city, or major family i could find, and i would use them in their proper place in the map. However when it came to making up names i simply took what Miura had stated about each country, and their relationship to Europe. Midland he imagined was Denmark Chuder France the Vandimion Empire the Vatican. So when i made up names for these countries i only used Danish names for Midland, French names for Chuder and so on. The other nations Miura didn't described in detail i simply used old/modern English, and northern European names. I created a link for the WIP thread i created if anyone is interested in seeing the development of the map. If your not a Berserk fan you wont care but below i listed all the names i took from the Manga. A lot of firsts were done in this map like the nation shield emblems, the human drawing below, and the other artwork this was the first time i tried any of these things. (how i drew it) stared in pencil when i was finished i went over everything again in dark pencil. Went over several things in pen, then added 7 layers of colored pencil for the coloring of the plains, and such. To Finish i went over in colored pen the major Kingdoms, and drew the remaining extra misc are pieces.

List of Names used from Manga. Midland, Chuder, Windam, Doldrey, Enoch, Vritanis, Misty Valley, Flora's Estate, Tower of God, Albion, Midland Western Shet, Lumios, Hill of Swords, Godos Hut, Ancient Highway, Kindom of Balden, Randell, Eastern Duchies, Waratoria, Morgal, Chudah, Wolcliff , Falkriss, Koka, Vandimion Empire and the Eclipse lake. Note: i didn't have room for the Kushan Empire, but i didn't forget them



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Oh, my, god. I love you.

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Wow...awesome. Any chance you'll make a highresolution electronical map (Gimp or PS)?

You know, i always wanted to do a map for the berserk world as well. Or, in a perfect world, Miura would have given us one.
I am very sad to hear about his europe response...i was afraid he would someday admit to that...and it destroys a lot of atmosphere for me :( What a cheap excuse, Mr. Miura :x

I always thought that the berserk world would make an awesome roleplaying setting. Not sure which rules i'd use but i really want to make up some characters and get playing. Now if i just had some players that are interested in such a thing ^^

Have some Rep.!

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Thanks! and i wouldn't let Miura's response ruin Berserk for you, nor do i think its a cheap response. You see if you know anything about the Japanese there very... spiritual people, they don't really focus on the material things in life, and this especially comes through in their anime and Manga. The Japanese are more obsessed with the idea, theme, or the moral in their stories not so much where it takes place, or the geography. Miura probably never gave Europe a second other then that it was the setting for his manga, Miura's main concern is the story, and the overall moral-theme that he is pushing throughout Berserk. To me the atmosphere will always be there because i simply just choose to ignore his comment about Europe which i see as him just lazily answering a question about something he cares very little about, which isn't to say he doesn't care in general he just doesn't see geography has important to Berserk's theme.