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07-21-2012, 09:30 PM

for windows, pdf manual exhaustively explains anything not apparent from the gui

thought i'd see how this method worked. my opinion so far is that it's a semi fun language toy, but not a production ready fantasy name solution.

at first it took a lot of wading to find passable results. the best application i had for yielding actual useful names was to heavily limit it.. adding more possibilies results in wilder output, but if you work with only half a dozen letters and an intended meter you can find more useful names.. so if you do this four or five times with different parameters you'll get several sets of names which will be sufficiently diverse when mixed together.

examples.. i thought these were 'fairly human sounding but different' - they took a fair amount of wading through wide parameters... olvil, ciura, haro, lasia, cichrilh, ulsulea, rehesh, sala, sarilh, lacli, eshlish, lacev, luca, cucla, toteash, selhsee, husil, halcor, vesa, rove, ashoth, sivalh, cilara, carilh, iashhe, alhvaro, lavelh, seuclius, vaoli, cirolh.

but using a very narrow set resulted in a much higher percentage of useable names..
cenade naimde
naende caceem
mecena emidme
amniad daca
memide meeam
cedena ecimde
ciad nemiama
nanaed miad
nemine andame
adniam nane
cename naicna
naende daecned

so i manufactured names in small batches by gradually varying it..
naelnde dhaechnedh
neddicedh mecadhni
necha chanedre
meldcimedh chanchcani
nemedh emhanchelm
ninnamh caclenchnelnh
drenamaldh alchcrenhund
meddralnna enenneum
nadha nedemi
naeln cumae
nilemue ulalhen
luim icil
nelanad emhcoerd
elaelun louv
unimne eduel
avelnlae auvenna
lonaen muev
evhlu naevuon
imbra neuvh
uenalul luunon
naola nevec
anmede feuanadh
cenide naodhlo
vaene difa
abnide coulla
molna alam
oevna luliol
medhe onna

nemelc dheulndruln
munnic midrue
narmin cridcle
crinnad manalc
marcurd dremunh
dredhard dumu
ardunac cenuch
andivnol undi
onvaarm laam
alvol cudnon
uvurn ubomorb
uluvab ibhad
counolb cruba
dunhlaon ciunac
orbalnu uvolub
vunculc nalord
molibrin adcoa
illam lulard
cuinonh acab
bualu vadoil
ubaven urnhob
deuld alurm
ovchaamh elhulim
eamidh ernivvo
urndiarch econalh
adhelme vadinod
anoden aelolvil
leovell ciloo
avendh leuvfro
hulna noim
elbrac ebelerc
cucidh onac
culloem boavon
umivil ciernof
loic clanoucin
caidhe leddif

perhaps pick a word or two like firvulag, and just use those letters at first. add in a few modifiers and maybe another consonant, and you'll get better output than just setting each probability as it appears in the english language in general.

gnomish names -
0 stuphblobhrirmh sphurfdhir
1 sturhspli bibhullh
2 sphusprunghquurnh shurmhquelvh
3 rubrenc ulnhjat
4 sthuyonshdilh thurhjinch
5 sorhquilb blosnirhqui
6 arhsphighspunt sphurdrishu
7 spisle ubquodufh
8 stochenhsphi spungjudh
9 sabod mullhmubrirh
10 senchjentmunch angchusno
11 oybup lirurchgho
12 umhgujenh junthuvh
13 shoghsprullh shilhshu
14 blunhjajorh funghspunsh
15 sproquo ulspollh
16 questiglulh ibdesc
17 sermja bingrey
18 birflolbsthibh bugbagh
19 arnhrerh cirmhjughvu
20 lelvhungho licu
21 cuyshullh musnumh
22 nusplufiv sphoulcslest
23 rabro bromongquenh
24 slulgjoult socrundsnu
25 cholculb umulbsnolh
26 mornhpriscri splibhdhaspuns
27 uvhburn snophcildquu
28 emhorchep nubhuclonc
29 crumhbrung urtmurhmub
30 merstuong bhisniquun
31 snoplo splubroulp

with general sets, for every aalvelg gha and ishallah aaltspe there are a hundred berfbles blorh and dalkijid mijkidoj.

perhaps the best application is to browse for a while and then go and do something else and let your imagination regurgitate useful names.

07-25-2012, 01:13 PM
please let me know if you have any ideas for improvement, or even how this is or could be useful to you.

as is i need to add extra randomisation to the seed value.. the names displayed on the screen use sequential seeds, and if you use elementary settings, eg. 3 vowels and all syllables beginning with vowel, you'll see the same few vowels in bands.. there's only one rnd operation to the seed before this, i'll add two. might pull my finger out and add a normal file naming dialog for saving the txt file...

07-25-2012, 01:39 PM
how does the idea strike you to be able to click on a line of the display and save that name to a list.