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07-22-2012, 12:47 PM
Okay, long story short. I am working on a big project and because I am a f***ing maniac I want to do the whole thing by the book with tones of information, even if it is mainly and only for me. What can I say, I l-o-v-e wasting my time with stuff like that. :)

First maybe I should say that I don't have a precise idea about my world, for I will build it in progress based on some main points that I have in mind. So, to be able to go on with the other stuff in detail like climate and races and kingdom boundaries and history, I had to start from step one and make a world map. But who am I fooling. I am a total noob, so instead of trying some random techniques on my own, I decided to follow Tear’s wonderful Saderan tutorial even though I am new with photoshop. At first I decided to do a random map as a test to see if I could make it with such a style so I didn’t really care about these technical stuff and did/placed everything by complete randomness. But when I was almost done I ended up liking the form of my landmasses so I made the next big decision which was to go on with that map by redoing the most of it.

I deleted the layers with my vegetation and ocean elevation (which I find maybe the nastiest and hardest part of the tutorial) but what mainly made me redo most of my map and post this thread was my mountains placement. The problem is that I read tons of information about how are they created in nature and yet even now I find myself unable to decide where exactly should I place them, what should be their range or high. And mainly how to make them fit in the scale (very Earth-like, 1 mile = 15,625 pixels) The size of the map isn't that big intentionally, but once I start mapping the main regions of my world I will change that. Maybe i can even change the style with something else. There are a lot of wonderful inspiring maps here :) Whatever, first things first.

I would like something like an advice maybe on that how should I proceed? I will post two shots of the map – one with placed mountains (and flowing main rivers which were placed as i already said randomly so excuse me if i placed an overflowing one in a place that is supposed to be very dry :) ) and one with clear land masses, so that you could give me both critique and advice :)

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10-22-2012, 12:16 AM
Are you still working on this?