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07-26-2012, 12:47 AM
** Commission Taken/Closed! **

No sketch yet, perhaps I can add, but also may limit possibilities of creativity...
This will be a continental map of a fantasy coastal nation of sorts, one with "fourteen towns".
It is the only nation. The rest of the map is variable, wonderous, wild terrain extremes that push envelope of sense.
The idea for the campaign is one of a stable zone, beyond the borders of which is great adventure - and volatility.
The scale of the map is undetermined, would like to consult on that.

I am open to styles so long as there is color. I have seen alot of amazing stuff on the site.

Quality & Size
I want it to be "badass" enough for a group of seasoned gamers, but for no more.
So, semi-pro is certainly, likely good enough. It would be for web, and potentially for electronic table-top gaming - e.g., the guys actually move their characters on it as if playing Ultima 5. Thus, its size, and I am open on this, should be fairly large.

Time Constraints
It'd be great for sometime over the next month from agreement!

I would like unlimited rights to the map so long as i make no attempt to use it for economic gain. It may be posted ona public campaign wiki or the like, printed, distributed to friends, but no more.

Contact Details
Contact me at jeffreygibson1--at--yahoo--.com
I'll talk on the phone swiftly on the matter.

Thanks for the interest!

07-28-2012, 02:54 PM
** As per above, this one is currently taken. Thanks for all of the interest!