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08-14-2012, 08:01 AM

I am a student from Norway who has for the entirety of his life never enjoyed anything as much as looking at a map. Navigational charts for aircraft (http://images.nationmaster.com/images/motw/middle_east_and_asia/taiwan_onc_84.jpg), old Soviet maps of Afghanistan (http://images.nationmaster.com/images/motw/middle_east_and_asia/kandahar_1985.jpg), your run of the mill atlas and so forth, all are good. The more archaic the better -- 16th (http://i.telegraph.co.uk/multimedia/archive/01365/iceland_1365928i.jpg) and 17th (http://www.antique-maps-online.co.uk/europe-mercator-2761.jpg) century maps in particular where scientific study and measured observation took over from more whimsical imaginations. 19th century maps are fantastic as well, with the borders of vast empires drawn in colour over yellow paper (http://www.ajg41.plus.com/images/rail/af-map-merv-kushka-railway-1909.jpg). Fantasy maps never caught my real fancy, though the one in LOTR inspired me much when I first opened the book at age... 13?
I hope to gain through association on this forum a better hand at making maps that look as real as they can be made to look. In particular this means navigational charts for aircraft. :)

Equipped with PS5, a fresh install of Inkscape but not a world of patience or for that matter resolution, I stand (sit) ready to learn more.

08-14-2012, 12:25 PM
Welcome to the guild, jurskjeld. Although most people here are fantasy based this guild is not intended to be exclusively for fantasy maps (and it would be nice if we could diversify). Have fun and I hope you learn much from the tutorials! Please post up your work so we can see how you're doing!