View Full Version : Creating a battlemap from a dungeon map in CC3 / DD3 ?

08-18-2012, 12:12 PM
I would like to create a dungeon or castle with different encounters. I would like to have both a map showing the whole dungeon, and battlemaps for individual rooms or areas to serve as battlemaps to play on. And I don't want to have to draw everything twice. So basically I am looking at a way to "zoom in" into my dungeon map and just print the room the players can see.

I don't know if one can print out a zoomed view in CC3 / DD3 (I'm fairly new to the program), but I'm also worried that even if it works it would just give me a rectangular piece of my whole dungeon map, showing for example adjoining rooms I don't necessarily want to have on my battle map. Is there a way to copy a whole dungeon room and paste it to a different map? Or how would you create zoomed in battlemaps of single rooms from a big dungeon map?

08-18-2012, 12:22 PM
I'm going to have to go through a similar process very soon. My plan as of now: If it is a rectangular room - you can save as "rectangular jpeg" in CC3. If its an odd shaped room - then my thought is to export the whole image to photoshop and crop out the rooms I don't want. You may want to also check the CC3 forums to see if anyone else has looked into this. I know there is also a new entry in the annual that has a "cut" function which may be applicable.