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08-20-2012, 12:23 PM
I just noticed a Kickstarter project that may be of interest to folks here 'bouts:

RPG Cartographer (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1290264864/rpg-cartographer-full-color-waterproof-maps-for-yo)

Looks like someone is trying to horn in on Gameprinter's action ;) Not sure who Stewart Werley is though...

08-20-2012, 12:55 PM
Eh, it doesn't horn into my map printing niche - I don't need a Kickstarter to print maps, as I can afford to produce maps one at a time, paid for individually. Besides I see the word "Modern" on this map kickstarter, and really that market barely exists. You can get away with normal blueprints of current buildings that exist in architectural firms, etc. - no sense in creating custom modern maps, as there is no single modern map that can be applicable to all uses.

Being a digital printer I don't even see the need for a Kickstarter for maps, ever. Unless one wanted to create a single or group of maps for very specific places, with the goal of producing a mass quantity for resale - like a Nuke plant, or an underground bunker laboratory (for zombie apocalypse settings.) Even then, if I had a map design for such a thing, I'd have them available on a one map/one order setup - again, no need for a Kickstarter.

08-20-2012, 04:35 PM
Yeah, I saw some kickstarter projects related to RPG maps. Also some supported by the top mappers of this community. Unfortunately they were not (all) succesfully funded, despite the awesome art previews. It seems projects that 'just' deliver maps are not in high demand by the masses. Or maybe the amount of PR you need is underestimated by the initiators... Other 'map related' projects (like the Tabletop Forge) seem to do much better, so it seems if you want to Kickstart a product related to RPG maps, it should not only be about the maps... I think most rpg GM's are looking for a specific map when preparing a campaign (at least that's how I GM-ed) , and not willing to 'invest' in maps they probably are not going to use... cheers, DJ

08-20-2012, 05:13 PM
Even my Kaidan Campaign Setting Kickstarter (http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/937759598/kaidan-campaign-setting-pfrpg) has maps as part of the deal. In fact with basic funding already achieved, our current goal of $7000 is to add 50 pages of gazetteer content to the Kaidan Gamemaster's Guide Book - including 12 extra maps. But as you stated it isn't just maps only.

08-20-2012, 07:24 PM
Yeah, I agree with both of you. While maps are very useful in selling adventures or other gaming books, maps by themselves are of minimal use. I have also found that players get jaded real quick when they see the same map for the umpteenth time.

I found that his maps were not of the best quality anyway, but I thought that some people might be interested in it none the less.

@ GP, the comment about him horning in on your action was fully tongue in cheek....even if the sarcasm was lost in the typing :D