View Full Version : REP Button vanished

08-24-2012, 05:43 AM
Either I got selectively blind or I cant see teh rep button any more...?

08-26-2012, 11:04 AM
Different parts of the site occasionally just fail to render. For me, maybe one time out of thirty it's the bar of edit choices above the edit box. I take it the rep button you are looking for is the little six-point star down by "Blog this post" below peoples' names/ awards/ etc? It's there for me. The fix when I don't see something is to log out, close browser, then reopen. Or even just swapping browsers will usually do it.

08-26-2012, 11:28 AM
The rep is also limited on a per forum basis. For example, we recently disabled rep on the Cartographer' Choice forum as CLs were accidentally getting rep intended for the map's creators.

-Rob A>