View Full Version : Grand Necropolis (Megadungeon?) [Battlemap]

09-04-2012, 07:55 AM
Here is a very large battle map of a Necropolis-type dungeon. I'm not sure if it is quite big enough to be a true megadungeon, but it is up there.

I based it on the plans of actual Ancient Egyptian tombs from the Valley of the Kings rendered as accurately as I could squared off for the grid. (You can see recognizable parts of KV 5, KV 7, KV 17, KV 21, KV 3, KV 43 and KV 14 if you care).

I know that there is an awful lot of black in this image, since it is the raw image from maptool, stitched together in Photoshop. I will fiddle around with it and try to make a cleaner, printer-friendly version.



Cunning Cartographer
09-04-2012, 10:30 AM
Looks really good, I'd be interested to know if you've actually thought up/plan to create the encounters or quest that would happen on this map? Some of the individual rooms look really great. As far as a battlemap goes for a megadungeon, I'd say there's too much repetition for the eastern sections and for a player it would probably grow quite tedious to check each one of those identical rooms. Also, the first part of the map is very linear in that there is only one direction you can take (from the center of the map there are many directions you can take which is cool).

It all depends on whether you want something that reflects the real world VotK or something that makes for a good dungeon delve. If you are still working on it then I'd suggest some looped areas where they lead back onto a previous section, and more rooms/areas where there is more than one access point to enter them. Plenty of room for lots of secret rooms and stuff which would be hella fun.

Really good start to a potentially really fun dungeon :)