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The Lone Wanderer
09-07-2012, 11:29 AM
I'm a novelist who is writing a fantasy novel placed in the times of the Medieval. I need a map for my novel similar to the Eragon map or the one from the Alchemist.


I wanted the map to be of 4 continents as the book is about forming the 4 elements of Earth: Inferno -fire-, Oceanic -water-, Ground -Earth-, and Gust -Wind-. Basically each continent has it's own theme based on it's element. Example: The Inferno Continent could have Volcanos or lava pits. This is YOUR creativity for the blank areas. Add mountains, trees, whatever you wish.
I just need a map to fit the size of a book. Maybe an 11 inches for height and 17 for width?


I'm looking for a map that is similar to a pirate map: simple lines and a darkish brown with a bit of burnt marks.
I wanted a map that is simply either black and white or a darkish brown.


I just want something simple and not something "eye-popping" unless you want to. You're the magnificient Cartographers so it's your choice.
I want to print it out that way I will be able to add it to the novel.
I need the map to be 11 Inches in Height and 17 in Width or a larger size.
[Raster / Vector] (I'm confuzzled by this xD)

Time Constraints

I don't really have a time limit but something that can be done before February of 2013 or before that. I can even negotiate a time.


I will be adding it to my novel so i might need a Copyright Claim or whatever it is called. i'm deeply sorry as i'm very new to Copyright things.

Contact Details

Please contact me at Bladed----fury90210----at----yahoo.com if you are interested in helping.

(Remove the "-" and replace "at" with "@")

Price: I'm very new to Cartography but i'm guessing maybe something around $50? I would like to pay more for the map, but all i want is something simple. I'm an artist as well from Deviant Art, i could make a few pictures to cover up some of the money if you want.

Bonus: Well, in the story, a magician creates the map of the world where the story takes place. The magician is a dragon with amazing abilities. But the problem is that i don't have a name for him/her. However, if you do make the map for me, i shall add your name to the story as that one character (or any name that you would like. Nothing gross, please?)