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09-07-2012, 11:58 AM
I'm using Tear's tutorial to make a go at my first map. First some background here. Iím not a knowledgeable user of photoshop / tablets / art type software (blender max etc) so this is broad based learning curve for me. Some things I get and others I donít . I'm using Tear's tutorial to make a go at my first map. Thanks Tear I followed this better than I thought I would, good job!! What Iím using to do this Ė PS CS3 w/ Wacom Intuos tablet (older tablet I have access to for awhile) and mouse, under windows 7. I worked my way to about the end of page 6 where I am working on the ocean terrain bevel emboss etc. From the attachment you will notice that I have not completed the ocean floor terrain. What is happening is it will not paint in the areas that it doesnít exist in, Iíve actually painted the entire area but in is only visible in the selected areas in the work. hopefully I've done the attachment thing correctly :) Anyone have any ideas on this?


09-07-2012, 05:38 PM
Messed with this some more here. Worked on the land mass but as it turns out not exactly what I thought I was getting while working thru the tut LOL. Colors didn't match at all with what I thought I had entered. But it is a step in the advancement process. Open to crits / suggestions on this.

09-08-2012, 07:46 AM
First, use the layereffects for a color fillin on the Layer with your White Land. Its looking to plain like this with White.
Second, go to the Layer Effects of your base Mountains and scale the texture of the Stone down by 50%. so you Wong see the obviouse texture so heavily.
Third, go to cgtexture. COM. And grap a handfull of tiled stonetextures and floral textures for the forests.
Forth, have fun

09-09-2012, 09:59 AM
Schwarzkreuz Pay no attention to the white land mass atm, Ive not added any texture / color at all yet. I'll take a look at reducing stone / etc to the 50% mark but first I need to find where I've screwed something up with my layer masks,or at least I think it is the layer mask. Again I'm literally just following Tear's tutorial, more to help me learn photoshop and make maps. This is gonna slow down for me a bit as the weather is changing and I need to finish up paint some house trim. Thanks for the input

09-12-2012, 06:25 PM
Ok a tad more work done, added the basic dirt, some hill texture and grass. Having trouble getting a handle on paths so no rivers atm:) I may just paint in the rivers if I can't figure out the paths function. Any suggestions / crits welcome

09-16-2012, 08:49 PM
Can you upload a better resolution or a small selection of the map in hight quality? I cant comment on the last uploaded image, it was too much compressed.

09-17-2012, 10:10 AM
Schwarzkreuz - hopefully this will show you some more detail for crits. I still donít have a handle on pathís for the rivers, then again Iíve not delved into it yet. Stopped on map for a bit to learn a few tricks in PS so that I can draw a bit with the program or at least make symbols. Thanks again for the help and taking a look V


09-17-2012, 10:08 PM
I am liking this :)

I agree that the mountain texture is a bit rough but it is growing on me. not sure why though. I especially like the near surface sea beds. Do you think you could pepper a few small islands on them, something about the size of the smallest of the three northern ones, if not smaller, but not too many. I do have one crit though, and please ignore if it is only a trial, but the font you are using atm looses those thin parts and makes it hard to read. Then again I need new glasses so that may be adding to the prob. ;)

And it has been too long that you have had that grey pip under your name...here, let me fix that for ya... *bonk*...you are here-by Reputed :D

09-17-2012, 11:31 PM
Hey Korash thanks for taking a look. I think I'm liking the mountain texture, was strange at first, and I took Schwarzkreuz's suggestion to change it some, but it grew on me, so I think it may stay for now. Font was just something that I had in the standard windows install, more a place holder than anything atm. Now islands, my son made the suggestion to have one or both of the northern most mountain ranges extend out into the sea as a submerged range, which I have been thinking about so additional small islands are in the works, when I retrace my steps and figure out how i did them the first place LOL. Thanks for the rep, I had no idea what the grey pip was :o