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09-11-2012, 09:23 PM
Hello all,

In daily life, I'm an elementary school teacher in Japan.
At night, I like to mess around with Inkscape and GIMP. d(^_^o)

I've used them to create anything from Coats of Arms to Planets and Star Systems; basically anything I needed for the RPGs I am playing.

I've come across this forum a couple of times in the past, but always felt it was a little out of my league. However, now I feel confident and I want to try to make some beautiful maps! It has been a long time dream of me to be able to do that.

So I want to thank you all for giving me the opportunity to do this.
Arigatou gozaimasu. m(_ _)m

09-16-2012, 07:00 PM
Welcome to the guild Arigatou! There are quite a few of us here that use Inkscape and GIMP, just as there are quite a few of us that create our own maps for the RPGs we run, so you are definitely in the right place. Check out the tutorials section, you'll find quite a few GIMP tutorials, and a handful of Inkscape tutorials on map creation as well.


09-23-2012, 09:31 AM
Hello Jamaraq.

Douitashimash_ite! m(_ _)m
(sorry for the _ but it wont let me write the word without it :P)

Welcome to the guild! I also play around with GIMP. Starting with Inkscape now.
I hope you will have fun here.


(On a side note: "Arigatou gozaimasu. m(_ _)m" means "Thank you *bow emote")