View Full Version : A few mostly finished maps- Vicatu/Szofenfal

09-23-2012, 11:16 PM
I decided I would post a few of my maps made with tutorials from around the site. These were done in the past few years. I do not consider them to be indicative of where I want to end up, but even with my low skill level, I feel they are intriguing maps.

The first is Vicatu- one of my maps done about 3-4 months ago using the Ascension style in GIMP tutorial. I liked this map so much I turned it into a Civilization 5 mod. The pics posted here are of the map with borders and of the map with borders and some crude marking of major settlements. There is somewhat of a story, but the nations are not at all fleshed out as I would like. Much to do as far as that goes :)



The second is Szofenfal- a map done last year using another style I can't recall. I'll edit this in a bit to reflect the correct tutorial. There is a much larger continent that this peninsula hangs off of, but I do not consider the work done on that to be good enough. I like the "reflection" on the rivers of this style map(too bad I didn't know the mechanics of them yet :P), and I also like that the peninsula is cut off from the rest of the world by the large mountain range to the north, giving it a small world feel. The reality could not be any less, as there is much going on. In the southwest, there is a rebellion, with rebels from Firenes pitting themselves against the frightening army of Korzen for control of the rich port Callojac. In the northeast, a powerhouse, nearly unrivaled amongst nations, lies in Dorad. In the southeast, however, it is very much a small world, with gently rolling farm and grassland giving way to a quiet marsh in the corner, although, war is frequent and shows itself in scarred landscapes near Corad. In the north, the high hills near the mountains give a peaceful respite from the turmoils of the larger world.


I just want to thank the authors of the tutorials I used, you were obviously a huge help. Love all the maps here, and I hope to become pretty skilled at creating some new styles myself.