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09-30-2012, 12:51 AM

I am running a DND adventure in a town called Charity. I am looking for a detailed map of the entire town. I want it to be somewhat Gothic/Victorian in appearance, and Lovecraftian in mood and tone.

I have a very long history as a DM and have made hundreds of maps, and dozens of great maps in my 30 years of playing DND, so I will be a bit particular about the outcome. For this reason, I am only looking for professionals who have a bit of a portfolio, and some references.

I respect hard work and am prepared to pay for quality.

I have many sketches and some history of the town to get you started, but I expect that there will be a bit of collaboration in this project.

I have a HARD DEADLINE of October 30th for the complete product to be done and in my mail box.


I have been searching for content for inspiration or for blatant piracy for months for this project. The only stuff I came up with was some 'Gloomwrought' maps from 4ed DND. I actually have this map, and like both sides (the City and the Battlemap), but it isn't right for my campaign. There is lots of artwork and map images that accompanies a googling of 'Gloomwrought'.

Specifically, I want a Jacobean-Victorian-looking town, that looks like it could have been cut right from 1750's England.

Here are some real buildings that inspire me;


Some of those are actually Jacobean, rather than Victorian, but you get the picture.

Over all of this there is to be a darkness, as though we are looking at the map at twilight in early November.

Quality & Size

Required for dual-poster print
2 posters, 24"x 36"

Time Constraints

Has to be done/printed for October 30th


The artist will retain copyright of the map

Contact Details

Les.Blackwell at Gmail.com

Please include links to some of your work and at least two references for commissions you have done.